11528 – By Your Side Greek Nationwide Psychological Support Helpline for LGBTQI+ people, their families, and educators (the only one in Greece) is the only LGBTQI+ oriented psychological service in Greece, an initiative with immense importance, as the phenomenon of homophobia and transphobia, even between the profession of psychologists, is very high.

Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 18:00 (except public holidays)

Counseling, psychosocial and psychological support and crisis intervention are also provided by face-to-face personal sessions (up to 8 in two months). Sessions are offered free of charge after the appropriate assessment of the needs, they are scheduled by appointment and with respect to the priority order. People can also contact us via Skype (diplasou.11528). Both calls and face-to-face personal sessions respect ethical principles, human rights and they are confidential and anonymous.

“11528-By Your Side” through the full-scale implementation of its activities is seeking to achieve:

  • Increased visibility of LGBTQI+ rights and the accessibility problems LGBTQI+ persons are facing, among wider population.
  • Increased access of LGBTQI+ people (especially those living in remoted or socially secluded areas) to psychological support services.
  • Improved knowledge of LGBTQI+ strategic plan of action and its implementation through European and national legislation.
  • Workshops on challenges LGBTQI+ people face and good practices.
  • Increased awareness on LGBTI equality among civil society and general public.


11528 – By Your Side focus on assuming the responsible role of a mental health institutional and scientific lever in Greece for social change, acceptance and greater understanding of diversity. In the field of mental health, the people who run 11528 – By Your Side work hard to ensure, in every way, the continuity of the services offered, until there are no incidents that need to be managed and people just embrace acceptance.


11528 – By Your Side Steering Committee is composed of the four key-LGBTQI+ organizations of Greece:

  • Athens Pride
  • Thessaloniki Pride
  • Positive Voice
  •  Gay & Lesbian Community of Greece (OLKE).