Colour Youth Athens LGBTQ Youth Community runs, for the 6th year, empowerment groups for LGBTQ+ people. Aim of the groups is to explore different identities the way each person experiences them, and the sharing of experiences and emotions.  Our goal is personal empowerment through interaction and coexistence in a safe place.

There are two empowerment groups:

  • Sexual orientation Group for non-straight people (lesbian, gay, bi, asexual, pansexual, queer and other)
  • Gender Identity Group for non-cisgender people (trans men, trans women, non binary, genderqueer, questioning and other).

Since aim of the groups is to explore identities in an experiential way, a prerequisite for participating in the groups is that issues around sexual orientation or gender identity, respectively, concern each person on a personal level.

Each person can take part in all the groups and for as many meetings as they wish