Do you need help?

You can reach out to the following:

11528 – Βy your side

11528 – By Your Side Greek Nationwide Psychological Support Helpline for LGBTQI+ people, their families, and educators (the only one in Greece) is the only LGBTQI+ oriented psychological service in Greece, an initiative with immense importance, as the phenomenon of homophobia and transphobia, even between the profession of psychologists, is very high.

Monday – Friday 12:00-18:00. People can also contact via Skype and face-to-face personal sessions are offered free of charge for LGBTQI+ people, their families, and educators.

11528 – By Your Side Steering Committee: Athens Pride, Thessaloniki Pride, Positive Voice and Gay & Lesbian Community (OLKE).


Tell us!

Tell Us is a program implemented by Colour Youth – Athens LGBTQ Youth Community that aims to record incidents of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic violence and discrimination face their consequences, inform and sensitise society on the issue.

When they offend you because you are holding hands in the street, when you are threatened because of your appearance, when you are afraid to show who you really are … Tell us!

Make your experience count in the fight against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

Transcending Youth – Supporting Trans Youth

If you are a young trans or non-cis person and want to learn more about the available procedures for legal gender recognition and change of legal documents, or the procedures for medical transition contact us!

Our aim is to:

  • Inform trans youth about the procedures for legal gender recognition and medical transition.
  • Support trans youth by accompanying them to all relevant services for legal gender recognition and medical transition procedures.
  • Empower trans youth and help them develop their skills through training
  • Create a safe space, in which, all of us young trans people, can meet up, get to know each other and discuss issues that affect us.
  • Inform and educate staff, members and volunteers of organisations that offer health-related services, on issues affecting trans people.
  • Increase the visibility of trans youth and raise awareness on issues that affect us

Empowerment Groups for LGBTQ+ people

Colour Youth Athens LGBTQ Youth Community runs, for the 6th year, empowerment groups for LGBTQ+ people. Aim of the groups is to explore different identities the way each person experiences them, and the sharing of experiences and emotions.  Our goal is personal empowerment through interaction and coexistence in a safe place.

There are two empowerment groups:

  • Sexual orientation Group for non-straight people (lesbian, gay, bi, asexual, pansexual, queer and other)
  • Gender Identity Group for non-cisgender people (trans men, trans women, non binary, genderqueer, questioning and other).

Empowering the trans community

The program “Empowering the trans community” began as co-operation between PRAKSIS and the Greek Transgender Support Association, in January 2017. Its goal is to support the community of trans and, in general, gender-diverse and intersex people, through activities of health promotion and empowerment / skills’ building in sectors such as advocacy, fundraising, communication, etc.

The program “Empowering the trans community” supports and empowers not only trans people but also their families and partners.


Food Supplying Program against Poverty

Many trans people, due to the economic crisis, but also due to the great exclusion they face in their everyday lives and especially on the employment sector, are not able to cover their daily basic survival needs.

The Greek Transgender Support Association, from the day it was founded, supports trans people in need, while from 2013 until today, in the context of the program of Bodossaki Foundation for fighting poverty, ensured the provision of food and first aid items to twenty five (25) trans people that have applied, providing the relevant documents that account for their difficulty to make living arrangements.